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Monday, June 24, 2019

The most complete way to use the Google Keyword Planner

What is Google Keyword Planner?

This tool is released by Google so that people can do keyword research to create ads on Google AdWords.

This facility is provided by Google to support Google AdWords users to be able to create ads on Google AdWords based on keyword search data on Google. The Google Keyword Planner helps Google AdWords users to get the right keywords that are relevant to their business.

However, in the development of the Google Keyword Planner, it is not only used for AdWords purposes. Google Keyword Planner can also be used for keyword research in addition to AdWords.

Many people think that Google AdWords and Google Keyword Planner are one package. People assume to use the Google Keyword Planner, they also have to use paid Google AdWords. Even though you can use Google Keyword Planner without having to create ads on Google AdWords.

What is the Function of Google Keyword Planner?

Google Keyword Planner has a function that is not much different from keyword research tools in general. Some of its main functions are to analyze monthly keyword search volume, keyword competition level, keyword suggestions, and the price of placing ads on Google AdWords (Top of Page Bid).

Different Google Keyword Planner with Other Research Tools

Google Keyword Planner is not the only free keyword research tool that you can use. There are many keyword research tools, both free and paid. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Google Keyword Planner compared to other keyword research tools?

The first advantage is that this tool is suitable for estimating the CPC that you will spend on an ad. Second, the advantages of this tool are very suitable for Google AdWords because indeed the initial goal is to research keywords for Google AdWords. The third most important advantage is free.

One disadvantage of the Google Keyword Planner is that the keyword suggestions given are not too many. From the experiments I did, the Google Keyword Planner only provides keyword suggestions up to a maximum of 1000 to 2000 keywords.

Google Keyword Planner is not a perfect tool, but it is still an effective tool for keyword research. You should also use other keyword research tools to get more accurate keyword research results. Apart from learning Google Keyword Planner you can choose one or several of the keyword research tools, both paid and free. From Ahrefs, SEMRush, KWFinder, to Google Trends.

How to Register for Google Keyword Planner

As mentioned earlier, there are two ways to register for Google Keyword Planner. If you really intend to use the Google Keyword Planner as well as Google AdWords, you can make Google AdWords first follow this guide.

However, if you want to use the Google Keyword Planner only, you can follow the guidelines below:

Select the Tools menu> Keyword Planner

How to Google Keyword Planner

  • Skip Google AdWords

After selecting the Keyword Planner menu you will be directed to the page below.

How to Google Keyword Planner

If you fill in your email and website on this page, you will be directed to Google AdWords. In order for you to be directed to the Google Keyword Planner, click Skip the Guide Setup.

  • Email Confirmation

You just need to make sure the information on this page fits all. Then click Save and Continue. After that you can start using Google Keyword Planner.

How to Google Keyword Planner

How to Use the Google Keyword Planner

By confirming the email above you are automatically directed to the Google Ads dashboard. To use the Google Keyword Planner, click the Tools menu in the top right corner then select Keyword Planner.

How to Use the Google Keyword Planner

The Google Keyword Planner has two main features, namely Find Keywords and Get Search Volume and Forecast.

1. FindKeywords
Find Keywords in the Google Keyword Planner will help you to find keyword suggestions related to the keywords you are looking for. For example, you type the keyword "denim jacket" and Google Keyword Planner will provide various keywords such as jeans jackets, denim jackets, men's jeans jackets, women's jeans jackets, and men's levis jackets.

How to Use the Google Keyword Planner

In each keyword suggestion you will get information about search volume, competition level, and the highest and lowest Top of Page Bid. The Top of Page Bid is the price offered by AdWords users to advertise on these keywords.

In this feature you can also enter keywords up to a maximum of 10 keywords simultaneously. In addition, you can also enter your website address to check what keywords are relevant for you to use.

2. Get Search Volume and Forecast
The second feature is Get Search Volume and Forecast. As with its name, forecast, this function's function is to provide estimates. By using this feature you can get data about the estimated clicks, impressions, and Click Through Rate (CTR).

In addition, this feature will also provide an estimated cost that you need to spend for each click or Cost Per Click (CPC). You can set the estimated data for one week ahead, one month ahead, or one quarter ahead.

How to Use the Google Keyword Planner

Tips for Using the Google Keyword Planner

1. Steal Keywords from Competitors
In the previous point I explained the Find Keywords feature, you can enter keywords or website addresses. Not just your website address, in the search column you can also enter your competitor's website address. That way you can see what keywords your competitors are using.

2. Keyword Filters
For example, if you want to narrow down the search for keywords, you can also add filters. You can add keyword filters based on the level of competition so that the research results that appear are those that match the level of competition you choose.

How to Use the Google Keyword Planner

You can also add filters for exclusion of keywords that contain content that you don't want. Click the filter, then select Keyword Text and select does not contain. After that type the word you want to make an exception.

In addition to the two filters above, Google Keyword Planner also provides other filters, which are based on ad impression shares, except for adult content, to the organic impression share.

3. Find Potential Keywords
There are easy ways to find out which keywords have the potential to make money or conversion. The trick is to look at the highest Top of page bid (high range) keywords.

Estimated price is for Google AdWords. What's the use for those of you who don't use Google AdWords. The logic is that if people put a high price on a keyword it means that the keyword is valuable and has the potential to get a lot of clicks.

How to Use the Google Keyword Planner

In order to make it easier for you to see which keywords are offered at the highest prices, you can sort the results of keyword research based on the Top of Page Bid. Click Top of Page Bid (high range), then Google Keyword Planner will automatically sort it based on the highest price.

4. Narrow Location Range
If you run a business that relies on physical stores, this feature is very useful for you. You can narrow your keyword research to a particular city or to a certain province. The methods are as follows:

How to Use the Google Keyword Planner

Open the Get search volume and forecast feature. Enter keywords, then click location. Type the city or province that you want to target. After that the Google Keyword Planner will provide data based on that location.

5. Get Device Information Used by Searchers
The Google Keyword Planner also allows you to see what devices are used when searching Google. To see it enter the Get Search Volume and Forecast feature. Type the keywords you want. After that in the sidebar menu you will find the Plan Overview option. Click on the menu and you will get a summary of the results of keyword research including what device the searcher uses.

How to Use the Google Keyword Planner

6. Use Google Trends to Get Real Time Data
This last tip I don't use Google Keyword Planner, but Google Trends. As I mentioned in the previous point, you should use some keyword research tools to get more accurate research results.

The tool that I use in this tip is Google Trends. Google Trends will help you to get comparison data of several keywords in real time. Here's how:

How to use google trends

Open Google Trends, then choose a location. Be sure to choose the location of your target audience. In this example I chose the location of Indonesia. Type the keywords you want to research. You can enter a maximum of five keywords simultaneously and Google Trends will provide a comparison like the one below.

How to use google trends

In addition, you can adjust the search volume based on a specific time period according to your needs. You can set the search volume in the last day, the last week, the last month, for the last five years.

Google Keyword Planner is indeed its main function is to do keyword research for Google AdWords needs. However, you can also use it for other keyword research needs, for your blog or website.

However, you can't just use Google Keyword Planner. You should also use other keyword research tools so that the results of your keyword research are more accurate. You can use keyword research tools like Ahrefs, Ubersuggest, KWFinder, SEMRush, Google Trends, and others.
Good luck!