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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Solo Leveling 1

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Volume 1

Chapter #1 – Pr

Chapter Prologue

Solo Leveling : Chapter 1

-0 . Prologue-

[The Daily Quest has arrived . ]
A clear and articulate female voice spoke to him .

This was not a video game .  Nor was it a dream .

The voice spoke to him, only in his head .  On top of that, an informative quest screen floated in front of him, waiting for his access .

‘Can’t be… today too?’

With a heavy heart, he opened the quest and read its contents .

ring~ ring~

Daily Quest: The Preparation To Become Powerful Do 100 Push-ups: (Incomplete) (0/100)   Do 100 Sit-ups: (Incomplete) (0/100)   Do 100 Squats: (Incomplete) (0/100)   Run 10 kilometers: (Incomplete) (0/10)   *Warning: Failing to complete the Daily Quest will result in a Penalty Quest .

He cursed as he verified its contents .

“Goddammit, how many days has it been!”

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